April 25, 2024

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Urging Texas Legislature to Increase Pay for Direct Support Professionals

AUSTIN, TX – Today, Time To Care: Save Texas Caregivers Now announced that Special Abilities of North Texas has joined the coalition, further strengthening the statewide movement to address the urgent issue of underfunding faced by direct support professionals (DSPs) who tirelessly care for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD).

The chronic underfunding of DSPs has not only compromised the quality of care provided to individuals with IDD but has also led to the regrettable closure of essential group homes, leaving many vulnerable Texans without vital support.

“Special Abilities of North Texas is proud to stand with the Time To Care coalition, advocating for a long-overdue pay increase for Direct Support Professionals. These professionals do far more than provide basic care; they deliver specialized support that encompasses significant physical, mental, and emotional support needs for incredibly unique individuals every single day. Recognizing their hard work with adequate compensation is crucial—and it is a direct investment in the quality of life and well-being for Texans with IDD,” said Jordan Drake, President and CEO of Special Abilities North Texas.

The coalition is urging state leaders to authorize an emergency appropriations request through the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) to raise the salary for community-based DSPs from $10.60 to $15 an hour. This will help address the immediate workforce crisis facing DSPs and ensure that Texans with IDD can receive the support they need.

Carole Smith, Executive Director of the Private Providers Association of Texas (PPAT) and a spokesperson for the coalition, expressed profound gratitude for the Special Abilities of North Texas’ partnership, stating: “We’re thrilled with the addition of Special Abilities of North Texas to our coalition with more than a dozen organizations to help us fight for competitive wages for DSPs. Together, we are building a brighter future, one where the people who care for Texans with IDD receive the support they deserve.”

Special Abilities of North Texas is a licensed Individualized Skills and Socialization provider and dedicated nonprofit organization providing programs and support for over 100 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Based in Lewisville, Texas, Special Abilities of North Texas’ mission is to provide the highest quality care, training, and support to adults with developmental disabilities, giving them opportunities to succeed in life, family, and the community. Through compassionate care and specialized programs, Special Abilities of North Texas strives to create opportunities that enable individuals with disabilities to achieve their potential and lead fulfilling lives. Visit to learn more.

Time To Care: Save Texas Caregivers Now is a coalition dedicated to securing competitive wages for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who provide essential care to Texans with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). Through collaboration and grassroots efforts, the coalition strives to enact meaningful change at both the legislative and community levels. To learn more about how to get involved at